Featured Book

This author’s first book reveals personal stories blended with practical and biblical principles about relationships for a general reading audience. Over the course of time, life’s experiences, circumstances, and situations happen! When they happen it produces relational rhythms.  Relational rhythms impact emotions, communications, and decisions.  Individuals decide how to appropriately respond to the expected and unexpected rhythms of relationships.

The cover image on this book reflects some of my past.  My grandfather presented me with a trumpet when I was in elementary school.  Also, for many years, the goatskin bongo was displayed in the home of my maternal grandmother and Great-aunt. I handled it as a child and it helped me to learn an appreciation for rhythms in music.  The red statuette is displayed in my home as a reminder that the heart has a circadian rhythm, and that enduring relationships are built on and with love.

In my estimation, each image represents in some way the rhythm of relationships.  Together the trumpet, trumpet music and instrument case, African goatskin bongo, and the red statuette convey the overall concepts in this book.  The syncopated bongo and trumpet beat announce a distinctive rhythm to listeners.  The bold red statuette speaks of love, connectedness and meaningful relationships in my life; and hopefully you have notable and treasured relationships in your life as well.  In one way or another, we are all challenged to discern the rhythms of our relationships.


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