Dr. Lisa C. Chavers became a committed believer in the Lord Jesus Christ as a first-year student at Bowling Green State University (BGSU), Bowling Green, Ohio.  She earned a B.S., M.A., and an Ed.D. while enrolled at BGSU.  This educator published an article in the Ohio Lifestyle magazine published and distributed out of Cleveland, Ohio, and has traveled across the United States, to Romania, Jamaica, Mexico, Toronto, Canada and seven Asian countries.  In 2014, she retired after serving as a University administrator for more than 33 years.

Throughout her career, Dr. Chavers has served as a middle school and high school commencement speaker, national higher education conference panelist, facilitator, and conference session moderator. Moreover, she has been invited to a variety of venues to serve as a motivational speaker for middle school and high school students, college coeds, women, local professionals, and international audiences.  This articulate, energetic, and engaging orator has spoken on topics of:  continue reading …



Awake at 1:15 am…JUST finished your book!!!! I so enjoyed it and am so encouraged from your experiences and insights. Regarding relationships. A blessing to read!

Marty Almanson – Bowling Green, Ohio

Thank you for writing your book, “The Rhythm of Relationships.” I am so thoroughly enjoying and savoring each page. It feels like home.

Peggy Autry – Toledo, Ohio